The Foundational Fifty

Join us starting January 21 as we work together to memorize scripture.

The Foundational Fifty is a Bible Memory Program with 50 key verses for growing in Grace.

We have two formats to choose from:

      The four panel format you can print out two sided and fold to make a small booklet to use like a bookmark in your bible here or a list version




Jan 14-Mar 25 - Adult Sunday School Electives

Our new Adult Sunday School Electives are beginning Jan. 14 and run until Mar 25.   Check out the Adult Ministries page for information about the classes offered 9:50-10:30am each Sunday, except the first Sunday of the month.

Jan-Mar - Youth Basketball League Games

Berean Youth Basketball is a family-friendly basketball league which focusses on teamwork and fun and basketball fundamentals. Students grades 3 - 12 come to grow in their love for the game, and also to build lasting relationships with others their age.
Parents find a safe, friendly environment for their students to learn, grow and use their God-given talents for recreational enjoyment.

Go to the Youth Webpage for information about the schedule for the Youth Basketball League which runs January through March. 

Church Event Request

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