ACT (Contemporary Service)

ACT is our Thursday night worship service for young adults. We meet at 7:30 pm every week for singing, Bible study and all around good times as we seek to understand what it means for us to pursue Jesus.

Download the ACT flyer, visit the ACT website or contact Pastor Gary Hansen to learn more.

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Adult Sunday School Electives Apr 23 - Jul 30

Studying Your Bible

When we read the Bible, how do we know we are coming away with the right message? History, context, translation, presuppositions and many other factors can make Bible study seem daunting!  With the right tools the task will seem much less intimidating. This class will give you some of those tools and strategies for discovering the intended meaning in God's Word, giving you the confidence to go deeper in your understanding of the Bible.

Room 207 - Josh and Traynor


Encouraging Grandparents to Reach and Disciple the Next Generation

If you are a grandparent or hoping to become one in the near future this is something you will want to delve into. With the help of assorted guest speakers, we will be guided through the most important legacy we can leave our grandchildren for generations to come.

Kyle, Nancy, Jeff & Connie - Room 107 (Lower Lounge)

Not of this World?

Romans 12:2 begins with the statement, "do not be conformed to this world." How are we doing at that? This structured reading and discussion class will explore the following  questions: 1) What does scripture tell us about how we as Christians should relate to this world? 2) What does experience tell us about how we do it? 3) What does it mean to be "transformed by the renewing of our minds?"

Jeremy and Maria

2 Corinthians

In 2 Corinthians, Paul writes to a church which is growing up in the midst of a secular culture that places high value on honor and glory. He urges this community to humbly embrace the scandal of the cross. We will survey this letter and explore how Paul's words can continue to provide challenge and encouragement for us today.

Various Teachers - Gym Stage -


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